In 2013, after 3 years of unsuccessful sweet corn growing, Daniel Dzen decided to plant popcorn on a 1/2 acre lot at his family's Dzen Tree Farm property. He tended to the field carefully, ensuring that the crop had everything it needed, from water to nutrients. By the fall, with the help of friends and family, each ear of popcorn was harvested by hand and stored in a drying bin. Recognizing the heft and quality of glass mason jars, Dan decided that glass was the best way to package his homegrown popcorn. He focused his attention most on quality- the popcorn had to pop just right or he wouldn't sell it. Since the popcorn was grown just feet away from the Podunk River, one of South Windsor's oldest landmarks, the brand name "Podunk Popcorn" stuck instantly.

After selling the entire crop within 3 months of harvest, Dan knew he was on to something. He began renting more land and looked for ways to boost his yields while continuing to be sustainable. Dan searched far and wide to find (or learn how to build) equipment that would ensure the best quality yet lower the price to the consumer. With the support of local businesses and numerous advisors from all over the Northeast, Podunk Popcorn has become a leader in Connecticut-Grown popcorn. Podunk Popcorn has proven that local food is fresher and tastes a whole lot better, too. 

Today, we are farming more land, buying better equipment, and sourcing better packaging. All of these components will help us combine the quality you demand with the family-farm values that you trust. 

"As Local As It Gets!"